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Want to nurture your real estate investment and looking for practical ideas to increase the property value of your solar-powered Perth, Western Australia home? We recommend repairing your solar panels, solar inverters, or solar batteries, in a timely and cost-effective manner for improved return on investment.  

Emergency Solar Repair is a solar repair specialist company in Perth, WA that works primarily with Realtors. Our team has decades of experience both in the solar industry and in the Real Estate Industry. Our goals are simple – reduce home energy costs and better your home appreciation rate.  With the help of Emergency Solar Repair, not only can you harness the power of the sun but also ensure that your property investment in Perth has the right features to make it sell fast, should you choose to do so. 

Don’t hesitate. Once we receive a call from you, we will take a look at the damage to the solar installation and it could be the battery, inverter, or panel. Then, we offer you a rough estimation. The intent is to provide you with a quick idea of what could be done to improve the quality of the solar panel installation. In the world of fast-depleting energy resources, solar generated energy is a  comprehensive solution. They are a relatively good real estate upgrade investment besides being a source of clean energy supply and meeting your energy needs by going ‘off’ the grid.

It’s not just repairing the solar apparatus. We also offer a deep professional cleaning service of the entire solar unit and annual maintenance. Maintenance should be performed periodically to enhance the quality of the solar panel, inverter, or battery.  We also look for damaged parts and change them to ensure the seamless running of the solar installation. Check with your realtor today or check a solar savings calculator online!

While selecting a solar repair services firm, it is important to note their residential home service history and recommendations from neighbors or your real estate developers. There are many scammers and fraudsters out there masquerading as a solar repair company.  At Emergency Solar Repair, we don’t rely on cheap tricks. We are always honest and transparent in our business practices. Every residential homeowner and realtor wants the best quality at the lowest rates, and that’s not easy to offer.  

With our extensive experience in the solar industry and the Perth Real Estate scenario, we can identify the problem with the solar installation and quickly have experienced solar technicians on the scene to fix them. We also offer regular solar panel repair, solar inverter repair, and solar battery repair services and give comprehensive maintenance for all the panels. We call upon Realtors in Perth to partner with us to increase the real estate investment value you provide to your clients besides improving the chances of faster sale of your properties. For any and all solar power repair emergencies, Real Estate Agents can count on Emergency Solar Repair. Call our solar specialists in Perth at 0431 444 494. Rental property or investment property, no problem!

Emergency Solar Repair Perth - Solar Panel Repair #1
Emergency Solar Repair Perth - Solar Repair for Real Estate #1
Emergency Solar Repair Perth - Solar Inverter Repair #1

Why do solar panels need repair?

Honest & Reliable

Emergency Solar Repair Perth - Solar Panel Repair #2
Emergency Solar Repair Perth - Solar Panel Repair #3

Many solar panels have a long shelf life and efficiently transform solar energy into heat energy and electricity. However, like many other home appliances and devices, solar panels are easily prone to damages. There can be several reasons for the solar panel damage which can bring down your property value:

  • Solar panels are exposed to the atmosphere, which means they are prone to constant dust and impurities of the air. Over a period of time, the impurities form a layer and affect productivity. 

  • The solar panels may develop algae and allow other microorganisms to also grow on the surface. Our solar specialists will devise the right solution to clean the surface and ensure your panels are back to full productivity and lowering your electricity bills.

  • The panel lamination may break or develop cracks. These can be attributed to micro-cracks and hot spots are denoted as production aberrations in the PhotoVoltaic modules, shipment damages, and inclement weather conditions.

  • Even loose wiring and errors could cause trouble in the panels which hamper their output. There is a need to get the required repairs completed fast using a company like Emergency Solar Repair. 

Once there is a minor crack or a small fault in the panel, it causes major problems and results in low output. The good news is, with the support of a knowledgeable solar technician offering solar panel repair service in Perth, the shelf life of the panels can be extended. It is important to find a firm that gives a comprehensive solution to your solar panel system problems and help you to gain a high return on your house and solar installation investment. Call our solar panel specialists in Perth at 0431 444 494

Is a solar inverter expensive to maintain and complicated to repair?

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Do you know that most solar inverters have a shelf life of five years? Due to circumstances such as improper usage and irregular maintenance, many inverters suffer a period of lesser shelf life. Many proper solar inverters do not serve the total lifespan or even purpose of inverters and become completely abandoned by their owners. Many people think of replacing the entire inverter systems when it is easier and more affordable to repair the existing inverter. 

We offer you complete guidance over solar inverter repair service in Perth, based on the inverter’s present working condition and the extent of the damage. Our team of solar panel system repair experts has been successful in even the most complicated Perth solar inverter repair tasks. It is important to note that when the initial repairs are not done correctly, it becomes very difficult to set right. Let us repair your solar inverter properly the first time. Call 0431 444 494  for Emergency Solar Repair.

Emergency Solar Repair Perth - Solar Inverter Repair #2

Is solar battery replacement of repair costly?

Economical & Inexpensive

Emergency Solar Repair Perth - Solar Battery Repair #1
Emergency Solar Repair Perth - Solar Battery Repair #2

While installing or maintaining solar energy systems, with their complete setup and equipment, solar batteries are the most expensive component. So it is therefore crucial to understand how it operates and spend the money wisely. 

It is important to extract the maximum shelf life out of a battery, and also to optimize its performance.  It is important to choose the perfect size, type and number of batteries which are required to set up the panel. 

An expert in the solar industry such as Emergency Solar Repair will be able to identify which battery is perfect for your conditions. There are various factors to take into account like climate, height, materials, and the power requirement from the panels. 

While we estimate the cost involved, we also take into account the productivity. A battery needs constant maintenance to ensure maximum shelf-life. A small aberration in the battery could even hamper the entire process of power generation.

It is important to perform periodical checkups and maintenance. Get a solar battery repair company in Perth  like Emergency Solar Repair to fix any mistakes. Many real estate agents and homeowners in Perth who have invested in our repair and maintenance services have reaped enormous advantages..

We have a well-equipped team to address your needs who are prompt in our service and even suggest the ideal time for your solar battery’s next checkup

Call 0431 444 494 today or book an appointment.

What areas of Perth, WA do you service?

Many Real Estate Developers or a Property Investor face challenges when the team of repairing experts is not giving them professional services. Often, when the repair is not properly done, it creates a lot of hazards and makes more problems than it solves. It not only results in lesser quality but consumes a lot of money in getting it right.

Emergency Solar Repair is a professional solar repair company serving Perth, Western Australia. Our solar specialists reduce energy bills by fixing solar energy systems, solar panel systems, solar batteries, & solar inverters fast for residential houses & real estate agent property. 

Our team of solar repair experts performs urgent repair for solar energy systems in Perth suburbs like Ocean Reef, Hillarys, Wangara, Balcatta, Wanneroo, Gnagara, Landsdale, Ballajura, Osborne Park, Dianella, Midland, & Caversham in Western Australia. Our crew can bring down energy costs by having broken solar systems up and running them again within days. We provide a competitive price and quality workmanship for all Perth Homeowners and realtors and only use genuine parts from leading brands. Call us at 431 444 494 for quality solar power system repair.