How Can Perth Homes Avoid Solar Repair Scams?

How Can perth Homes Avoid Solar Repair Scams?

Solar Repair Scams in Perth

Australia is growing in terms of using sustainable natural resources. We are shifting our focus to create a concrete environment, where the focus from the depleting resources will be moved to more environmental, eco-friendly and more robust. In the year 2017 alone, more than 3.5 million panels were installed, which could do a similar work of a power station, which is medium-sized. With the increase in the demand or over 116% and a high surge, there are several companies emerging for fixing and servicing Solar Panels for homes and offices.

Before investing in the Solar panels, there are several steps a person needs to take care to install.

1. Company’s Accreditation: 

It is very important to spend valuable money and time on the credibility of a firm. Many times a firm that has the least experience ends up quoting a lot of money for their services, and a lot of times, their services are not adequate. This causes a lot of challenges for the homes which has installed the solar panel. To check the authenticity, it is important to note various parameters. The background of the firm, which provides the services. The quality of the designers, who are engaged in the process, and the installer, who does the services, and design. The companies should have a well-established customer service team, to serve their clients.

Certificate of compliance:

The most important constraint is the electrician who provides a Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work (CCEW). It lists more than 4800 accredited solar installers. They range from “Design-Only Installers” and “Install-Only to Design” . It is also important to note that various Off-grid systems need separate CEC accreditation. Without proper accreditation, it is not a proper installation. The firm maintains the list of firms, which can officially perform the task of installing the grids according to the Australian standards. When the firm has no accreditation, they are not eligible for proper discounts.

2. Important points to look in a firm:

Apart from the CEC Approved Retailers, In Australia, we have 400 solar panel companies and more than 4800 accredited installers. Before investing in solar panels, it is important to note that the firm should have a minimum of five years. The registered company should have an Australian office and local phone number. The companies should have good online reviews and should cover diverse clients.

Sometimes, many firms will have good reviews online, but not a good service when it comes to the service. People should ensure that their service is also up to the mark, and the authenticity of the people who provide online reviews.

3. Checking the Quality

Often many people forget to check the online ranking, and the Australian Government gives Tier 1 ranking for the forms which offer good quality spares and fixtures. The company which does the due diligence is known as Bloomberg New Energy Finance industry research. With intrinsic research, the firm gives the certification. 

4. Get a detailed quote and estimation

Many established firms will not have hidden costs and would not charge for several first level inspections in the home. They might also be able to provide an exact solution for instant repairs and quick fixes. The services would also be prompt and have a well-equipped team to answer the qualms. It is generally advisable to look for a firm that gives comprehensive billing. The service companies should specify the timelines to complete the task, they should give proper receipts, and not just handwritten bills. 

5. Warranty and After Sales Service.

Many spare parts come with a warranty of up to five years. In the case of the defective piece, they can also be replaced without additional cost. Many companies also offer additional services like after-sales service, which is also free. If the product of a fixture is defective, it should be replaced immediately. 

Thus all these points are to be noted while fixing the solar panes, and for long term maintenance.