Do You Know the Many Different Types of Solar Repair Services?

Emergency Solar Repair helps in the maintenance of existing solar power systems plus does upgrades whenever necessary. We will fix your solar power system as well as modify it to make certain it meets Clean Energy Council laws and standards. 

We use comprehensive 10-inspection checkpoints to diagnose your solar system and its functionality. This ensures that every part and feature of your systems works as required to deliver optimum performance. 

We are your local solar installers and solar repair service providers across the City of Perth in Western Australia and its suburbs like Ocean Reef, Hillarys, Wangara, Balcatta, Wanneroo, Gnangara, Landsdale, Ballajura, Osborne Park, Dianella, Midland, & Caversham.

As a trusted solar repair company in Perth, we can fix any damages or malfunction to your solar systems and we invariably notice the following faults in Perth homes that have solar systems installed:

  • Solar system component repair – The solar system is made with a lot of electrical and electronic components which can deteriorate due to scaling, corrosion, and freezing weather. The solar energy system thus needs regular maintenance and upkeep to make their operations efficient.


  • Damaged panels –  Solar panels are damaged usually due to the falling of heavy tree branches or an unexpected hailstorm despite good solar panel design. Our solar panels installation and solar panel repairs team will review the damages to your panels and provide the required solar panel repair services or replacements.


  • Microcracks – Sometimes, small tears or fractures appear on solar panels which are not immediately noticeable. This could be due to extreme weather conditions or poor maintenance. If ignored, these tiny cracks can cause great harm and failure of the solar energy system.  They need to be checked regularly and panels replaced whenever the problem is identified.


  • Hotspots – Some areas in the PV (Photovoltaic) panels are called hotspots since they are overloaded with too much voltage due to electrical wiring issues or defects in the solar cells. This is exacerbated due to unclean dirt and grime.


  • Inverter issues –  Though solar inverters come with a 5-year warranty in most cases, solar inverter repair technicians often lament that they are usually the first to malfunction and need repair. A large part of the underperformance you notice in solar energy systems is due to the solar inverter issues. Solar inverter repairs are thus something that just cannot be put off to a later date.


  • Rust and other damage – Exposed electrical and electronic circuitry and panel rust are regular issues with solar systems. These need to be reviewed regularly and made taken care of by solar repair electricians and solar technicians respectively. We also make sure that all significant electrical circuitry and solar wiring in your system now complies with code guidelines.


  • Structural check – Our solar checks the functionality and also condition of your system’s joint boxes as well as roofing penetrations. Switch over and circuit brake check. Guarantees the functionality and polarity of these crucial system components. Compliance check identifies any small or significant issues compliance problems and methods to resolve it.

It is important to get these problems fixed in your home, without falling for solar repair scams and tricks certain solar repair companies in Perth try to use. 

With over a decade’s experience in professional solar repairs, Emergency Solar Repair’s solar power system maintenance technicians can assist you to bring your solar system back to life and make it work like new even if somebody else has installed it. Our high-quality solar solutions cover all facets of grid-connected systems. 

We only send out solar repair experts in Perth with the training and experience to uncover problem areas in your installation and offer solid consulting advice on the next steps to make your solar energy system fully operational again. 

Our solar panel systems team will prepare a free quote on the solar repair work required to make your solar energy system back up and running quickly and reducing the loss of solar generation. Our pricing is transparent and affordable and covers all aspects of the repair work required and the total estimated time to complete the solar repairs. 

Call Emergency Solar Repair with a brief description of the problem or put in an online solar service request through our website and we will have one of our solar technicians come and take a look at your system and even perform the repair service right then and there!