What To Do When Your Solar Installation Stops Working?

As with virtually everything on the planet, photovoltaic panels become less efficient with time and can face degradation.  Solar equipment can also stop suddenly when something goes wrong with its electrical or electronic parts. Solar energy panels then need a premium repair service that takes care of mechanical, electrical, and electronic hardware issues and also accurate repositioning of the solar panels via the power-grid supply.

This is one reason for solar experts to recommend periodic and regular expert maintenance of the solar panels in your solar equipment. If your solar system installation is still under company warranty, give your existing provider a call. If not, browse online and look for solar repair providers in your area or contact us, if you are in Perth, WA!

What typical Solar System problems do Solar Repair Companies fix?

Hot Spots on the Glass Panel

Sometimes you will notice a crack on the glass of the panel in your solar panel installation which grows over time. This ultimately damages the effectiveness of the panel. However, the lamination and waterproofing might stay intact in spite of these cracks.

Dangling Wires

This is another common problem with solar panels in cities like Perth. The wires of the panel connect to PV inverters and solar batteries. Agencies that specialize in solar panel repair, use testing and monitoring tools to assess the problem and offer solutions.

Internal damages

Sometimes solar panels become discolored over time and lead to browning of EVA films and burned out front/back solar modules. Experts remove the glass and repair them. A good technician will be able to determine the feasibility of the damage quickly. Solar components are also prone to wear out after years of service.

External Damages

External forces also cause detrimental effects on your solar panel. Animal bites, heavy hail or stones and broken branches can damage the panels too. Extreme cold can also twist or buckle the panels that lead to breakage. It’s not safe to repair these yourself and leave it to a trusted technician.

Normal Aging Process

It is normal for solar panels to age over time and gives faulty services. While no one can predict when the panel will fade out, regular maintenance can halt the process to some extent. So, it’s necessary to contact a service provider who can provide maintenance services on  regular basis.

What are the parameters for  selecting any company for your solar repair needs?

Experience in Solar Repair

A solar panel repair in Perth needs to have at least five years of experience. So, you must ensure your company has been operating in the market for a number of years. Also, the service technicians should be certified in solar panel system from reputed vocational schools.

Licensed Solar Power Repair Company

The company needs to have a proper license to operate. Australian legislation dictates that firms require to be certified to set up and fix solar energy systems. Check for appropriate solar accreditation.

Warranty offered by Solar System Repair Company

Every repair company must provide a system warranty and a post-repair service. They should be located within easy proximity and available for any emergency service. The agency should provide a warranty and give free service in case of accidental or non-accidental damages. Check for official warranty guidelines in the contract for specific warranty information.

Is the Solar Repair Service Affordable?

The service providers should provide a comprehensive estimate before commencing work. The quote should be clear about billing and any other additional expenditure. Compare estimates from 2 or 3 providers before hiring one of them for the solar energy system repair work.

There are several solar panel repair companies in Perth that are capable of performing photovoltaic module repairs besides offering solar maintenance. There are many advantages of hiring these professional agencies with their qualified electricians and certified solar technicians. You need to choose them only after careful consideration for extending the life of solar panels in Perth. Selecting the best agency for comprehensive system monitoring will reduce system failures and churn out superior performance in solar output for years to come.

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