Solar Inverter Repair in Perth

Emergency Solar Repair offers solar inverter repair in Perth, Western Australia. A solar inverter is the center of your entire PV solar system. It transforms the direct current (DC) generated electricity into alternating current (AC) power that the solar panel is then able to use. This is why your panels are only as good as their inverter. Traditional series inverters have a lifespan of around 10-15 years.  Standalone inverters are utilized in remote systems in which the inverter draws its DC electricity from batteries charged by photovoltaic arrays.

Many standalone inverters also use battery chargers that are integral to replenish the battery from an AC source. These do not port in any way with the utility grid, and therefore, aren’t required to possess much protection. Inverters have a utility-supplied sine wave. Grid-tie inverters are designed to shut down automatically upon loss of utility distribution for safety reasons. They do not provide backup power during electric outages.


Intelligent inverters manage photovoltaic array, battery storage, and utility grids, which can be coupled directly to the unit. These contemporary systems are usually highly versatile and can be used for software that are stand-alone grid-tie or backup but their main function is self-consumption with the use of storage. These inverters offer backup electricity in case of a power outage.

If there’s a problem using the inverter or you observe any damaged cables, it could be classed as an electrical problem. Therefore, you should ask an experienced electrician to assess and fix any damage.
Sometimes, troublesome inverters aren’t broken and just needs to be rebooted. In other cases, the inverter may be beyond repair or it is of no use to fix. In this instance, you’re better off buying a replacement inverter. Beware because every day you invest in a new inverter costs you money, and you can’t keep buying a new one just because your old one is broken.

To put a brand new inverter in your office, you may have to upgrade your system to comply with the latest standards. Also, installation of a new inverter can cost in excess of 1500 Australian dollars.  You don’t always have to replace your faulty inverter. Emergency Solar Repair is reliable and dependable. Our team always offers quality service when it comes to repairing your solar repair. Contact us today and continue to enjoy the advantages of solar energy. Call now at 0431 444 494 for the finest solar repair Down Under.