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Solar Panel Repair in Perth

In today’s world, fossil energy resources are either too expensive, fluctuate wildly or are quickly depleting. Western Australia is lucky to be endowed with the bounty of sun’s rays.This is where solar panel Installation can shine for Perth residents. The solar system installation transforms solar energy into heat energy and electricity which can be used to power residential homes and commercial buildings in Perth and its surrounding suburbs. 

One of the numerous advantages of solar panels is the reliability that comes with them. Solar power service costs of which solar panel costs are a major part are now comparable to fossil fuels, especially when taking into account how much you’ll save on your energy bills in the long run besides helping the environment. Provided that your solar panels and solar products are of good quality and have been correctly set up, there should work well for a long time.  However, like most other devices, solar panel parts are susceptible to damage over time. Most of the time, the solar panels do not need to be mended. It is more probable that different parts of the solar system equipment have to be repaired because of the life of the panels over time. 

Check online and and find out which solar PV repair services companies in Perth offer the best bang for your buck. If your solar panel is damaged or requires fixing, then Emergency Solar Repair in Perth can get the job done.

Solar repairs

Emergency Solar Repair provides quality solar PV repairs to Perth and surrounding areas like Ocean Reef, Hillarys, Wangara, Balcatta, Wanneroo, Gnagara, Landsdale, Ballajura, Osborne Park, Dianella, Midland, & Caversham.

Some of the common problems with solar panels the solar technicians at Emergency Solar Repair have noticed are:

  • Solar panel system check – The solar panel components need regular maintenance and upkeep to make their operations efficient. 
  • Damaged solar panels –  Solar panels are damaged usually due to the falling of heavy tree branches or an unexpected hailstorm.
  • Microcracks in solar panels – Small tears or fractures appear on solar panels which are not immediately noticeable that need to be checked and the faulty panel should get replaced. 
  • Hotspots – Some areas in the PV (Photovoltaic) panels are called hotspots which get exacerbated due to unclean dirt and grime. They may need critical system upgrades. 

Keeping the solar panels in good shape will create a difference since keeping them clean to work at their highest efficiency. They tend to become unclean thanks to build-up of debris, dirt, dust, plant lichen sap and bird droppings. Do not try to fix the problem yourself if you aren’t qualified to do so. Not only will you be taking risk of fall from a height, heat stroke or electrical shocks, but you may also be violating your warranty agreement. Ineffective repair procedures can also reduce the efficiency of your solar panel system. 

Solar panel contracts and warranties state that only qualified and licensed professionals should try to resolve any quality defects with the solar panel system in order not to breach the the terms and conditions. By trying to tinker with the solar panel yourself, you may be in breach of the contract and system warranty with the solar power companies who installed the system. Check the original warranty period before entrusting work to any 3rd party solar panel repair service provider

At Emergency Solar Repair, we also perform preventive maintenance and cleaning of solar panels, along with any repairs to solar panel inverters and solar panel batteries. If you are in Perth or its suburbs, we can help resolve any solar panel issues that you might be facing and fix them. Not only that, our qualified solar installer and service technicians will make sure to prevent the solar panel repair problems from recurring and keep them in optimal condition. 

Call our Perth solar panel repair experts at 0431 444 494 today for prompt services, preventive maintenance and extended warranties on your solar panel system!.